Tim Cook Shares Tweet for Steve Jobs on Anniversary of His Death

Apple CEO Tim Cook shared a Tweet about late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs today on 6th anniversary of his death.

“Remembering Steve today,” Cook tweeted, Still with us, still inspiring us.”

The quote belongs to Steve as he has spoken it to employees about the ‘soul’ of Apple. A recording of the full quote was used to open the recent Apple keynote in the Steve Jobs Theater.

There’s lots of ways to be as a person, and some people express their deep appreciation in different ways. But one of the ways that I believe people express their appreciation to the rest of humanity is to make something wonderful and put it out there. And you never meet the people, you never shake their hands, you never hear their story or tell yours. But somehow in the act of making something with a great deal of care and love, something’s transmitted there. And it’s a way of expressing to the rest of our species, our deep appreciation. So we need to be true to who we are. And remember what’s really important to us. That’s what’s going to keep Apple, Apple: is if we keep us, us.

In February, Apple revealed that its new Apple Park auditorium would be named the Steve Jobs Theater.

To honor his memory and his enduring influence on Apple and the world, the theater at Apple Park will be named the Steve Jobs Theater.

Jobs was 56 years old.


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