iOS 11 Is Now Available For Download

This morning,  Apple released the final version of iOS 11, its latest mobile operating system. Most iPhone and iPad units made in the last few years should be capable of downloading it now. Simply go to the Settings panel and check for a software update under the General tab. If you have been part of the public beta process, you might already have the finalized version of iOS 11.

iOS 11 not only adds some neat features to iOS for the first time, like ARKit capabilities for augmented reality and a new Files app, but it also comes with  improvements to Siri; screenshot capture and editing; and the Control Center, which is now customizable,  and more fully featured.

iOS11 on iPads, is more of an overhaul. The software makes multitasking easier when you bring two apps into split-screen mode, or even add a third now. The new drag-and-drop features are also much more powerful on iPad as well, letting you manage stuff in the Files app more intuitively and even letting you drag and drop photos and text from one app to another.

Overall there are huge changes for both iPhones and iPads.

Hurry over and grab your update! We think you’ll like it!

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