iPhone 8 Tech – Some New, Some Improved

While Apple may not always be the first to introduce a certain technology, they are almost always the one to perfect it.  The company has been known to utilize technologies and features that it’s rivals have failed to make popular on a widespread level.

Bloomberg has an interesting report highlighting all of the new features expected, and who got there first.

Apple sometimes employs a “Best, not first” to market strategy with new technology, preferring to wait until it can create the best possible implementation.

The report also has a timeline for a widespread range of features, showing who created which, and when.

“If history is any guide, the new iPhone will be a huge hit,” reads the report. “Millions are already locked into the Apple ecosystem and trust the company to deliver its signature performance and elegance—even if some of features have been around for years.”

The headline features are expected to include a near-bezel-free OLED display with top notch, face-recognition replacing Touch ID and, of course, wireless charging.

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