Apple Discontinues iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano

Apple has updated it’s website and online store today, and has discontinued the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle.

Apple introduced the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle in 2005.

They were the last two iPods that didn’t run iOS.

Many people including us at Encore News had predicted Apple’s elimination of the last two iPods that did not stream online music. Neither model has been updated in years.


An Apple representative confirmed off the record today to us by telephone. “We are simplifying our iPod lineup with two models of iPod Touch, with more capacity, and the ability to stream Apple Music of course, and we are discontinuing both the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano”

The iPod, first introduced in 2001 by the late Steve Jobs, helped Apple re-establish itself as one of the most successful technology companies of the 20th century. The iPhone which launched in 2007, increasingly made the Shuffle and Nano obsolete.

iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle can of course still be found in retail establishments as well as online on eBay, Amazon and of course on Facebook Groups like Apple Products, Buy Sell & Trade. 

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