PayPal New Payment Option For Apple Music, The App Store and iTunes Store

Today, Apple announced that it is adding PayPal to it’s list of payment methods on the App Store, iTunes Store, iBookstore and for Apple Music services. Once added Apple users will be able to use PayPal with their Apple ID to buy apps, musics, movies, TV shows and more.

For users that can’t attach credit cards to their iTunes account, Paypal is a great option. Until now, Apple has only allowed users to buy digital content with either a bank card or gift card credit. The addition of PayPal will no doubt encourage even more users to make purchases using Apple’s services as it rolls out worldwide. This new PayPal payment option is going live for Canada and Mexico users first, but it should roll out in the U.S. as well soon.


PayPal can be used to buy pretty much anything that a gift card can. This means you can use PayPal for apps in the App Store, music and TV shows in iTunes, renew your Apple Music subscription and even pay for the iCloud Storage plans.

According to Paypal’s statement, here is how to get set up:

Once you’ve selected PayPal, all future purchases made with your Apple ID will be automatically charged to your PayPal account. PayPal states that this includes “apps, music, movies, TV shows, and books, as well as Apple Music subscriptions and iCloud storage.”

As before with purchases on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the payment method also extends to Apple Watch and Apple TV.

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