Apple’s Activation Status Page is Gone or Down

Activation Lock, the tool many people have used to determine whether an iPhone, iPad or iPod is iCloud Locked, has been removed from the internet.

Activation Lock was designed to help combat theft of iOS devices. It disables a device until it is reactivated again using the owner’s iCloud credentials. Without them, the device is rendered useless until the credentials are entered again.

Apple encouraged the site which allowed users to check the status of Activation Lock simply by entering a device’s IMEI or serial number. Very quickly, and without cost, you could establish whether a used device was iCloud Locked, which, if so, usually meant the device was stolen.

We are not sure why the tool was removed, but without it, there’s no way of verifying if an iCloud account has been removed from a used iPhone  without actually checking the device physically.

Is it possible Apple has a new system they are planning to introduce in iOS 10.3? We’ll see. We’ve asked Apple for info on the removal. We’ll keep you updated.

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