New Biometric Sensors Including Facial Recognition for Future Apple

Apple analyst KGI Ming-Chi Kuo has reported that they believe Apple is looking to replace its present TouchID sensor, introduced with the iPhone 5s with new biometric technology using optical fingerprint and facial recognition sensors. This new technology will allow for upcoming iPhones and iPads to feature ‘edge to edge’ or ‘zero bezel’ designs such as on the iPhone 8.

With Apple moving to an ‘edge to edge’ design for its display, there is no room for an ‘under glass’ fingerprint recognition component. So instead they must move to an ‘under panel’ system. This type of sensor is still in its early stages according to KGI, so it doesn’t sound like it will debut with the release of the iPhone 8 this year.

Independent reports about the next major iPhone, coming in the fall, claim that Apple will integrate the Home Button into the screen to reduce the bezels on the front.

Ming-Chi Kuo has also stated that Apple is leaning towards full-face recognition rather than biometric iris recognition. Eventually, KGI believes Apple will rely solely on face recognition for authentication and unlocking, eliminating the Touch ID sensor entirely. Although this could be far in the future.

We’d like to remind readers that the report does not specify any particular Apple product, so even if other independent  rumors are surfacing about face recognition for iPhone 8, KGI is not necessarily endorsing that sentiment at this time.

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