Wireless Charging Rumoured for New iPhone

The upcoming iPhone 8 is rumoured to be coming with wireless charging after a report claiming the Apple has added a new manufacturer to its supply chain was released last week.

The new supplier is Taiwan-based Lite-On Semiconductor, which is reportedly providing GPP bridge rectifier components to support wireless charging.

Lite-On Semiconductor has received a 10 percent hike in its share price despite telling the Taiwan Stock Exchange that it does not comment on its customers or orders, which are rumoured to include half of Apple’s wireless charging component orders for the iPhone 8.


One of the big features we expect to see on the iPhone 8 is wireless charging. The 10th anniversary iPhone is expected to have many new features such as edge to edge OLED screen, as well as new biometrics such as facial recognition and improved TouchID system.

Apple was rumoured to be designing a long distance charger that would allow iPhone users to charge their phone from across the room instead of simple charging mats used by competitors. Time will tell which system they use, but wireless charging in any form would be a welcome upgrade to the iPhone line.

Are there any new features you are hoping for in the 10th Anniversary iPhone?


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