Apple Unveils new TouchBar on MacBook Pro

Apple has unveiled it’s new Touch Bar for the New MacBook Pro series. Touch Bar — a Retina Display, Multi-Touch enabled strip of glass built into the keyboard for instant access to the tools you want.


The Touch Bar replaces the function keys and changes automatically to show you relevant tools such as Volume, Brightness, Predictive Text, Emojis, and browsing buttons for web surfing.

It also adapts to software you may be running on your MacBook such as Photoshop, iMovie, Microsoft Office and others, displaying pertinent buttons you would require at the time while the software is being used.


It also displays buttons that might be used while receiving a phone call or making a FaceTime call.


It can also be used to access your MacBook Pro without the use of a password. Simply scan your finger on the Touch ID button and unlock your Mac. It will also Fast Switch to another User if that second user places his/her finger on the Touch ID of the shared Mac.

It will be available on both the 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro which will be shipping in a few weeks.

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