Sell your old iPhone before the iPhone 7 is released: Here’s how.

We all know there is a NEW iPhone coming. There have been rumours almost since the iPhone 6S was released. With every release of a new iPhone and a NEW iOS version, YOUR iPhone will be worth less. Luckily for you, Apple products take MUCH LESS of a hit with depreciation than other devices like Android or Windows.

If you are thinking of getting the next generation iPhone, and you can buy, borrow, or do without one, you are best to sell your present iPhone BEFORE the new one is announced. Here’s how:

Before you sell

Whether you sell your iPhone yourself or trade it in to a third-party company, there are a few things you should do to first:

  • Back it up: Back up all of your important data — including contact, photos, videos, and apps — using Apple’s iCloud service or a third-party cloud storage service.
  • Turn off Find My iPhone: Find My iPhone is a security feature that must be turned off before you sell your phone — or nobody else will be able to use or reset it. To turn off Find My iPhone, open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to iCloud > Find My iPhone and toggle it off.
  • Wipe it: Sign out of all apps, services and connected accounts (like iCloud). Then, open the Settings app and go to General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings to erase everything from your iPhone.

You’ll get the most money for your phone if it’s in tip-top shape, but you’ll still do well if it’s in ‘good’ condition: No cracks in the screen, no big dents or scratches in the casing, no water damage and everything is working well.

Option 1: Sell it yourself

Selling your iPhone by yourself will net you the most profit, but it can be risky.

BEST Choice

Person to person, face to face is the BEST way to Buy or Sell any product. Facebook has provided a way to do that using Facebook Groups. If you are on Facebook, you should try it. There are many groups out there in almost every city in Canada, but one set of groups are EXCLUSIVELY for Apple and Apple related products.

Sell your old iPhone


Apple Products Buy Sell & Trade on Facebook (Canada Only)

These groups are all across Canada and are VERY popular for Buying and Selling iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs etc.

You are free to join any group in Canada, but are encouraged to buy or sell from your closest group for a face to face transaction.

The groups are monitored by Administrators that are there to answer questions and keep the groups friendly and discourage bad transactions.

You can Like their Facebook page where you will find a list of Groups across Canada. Their website is here. It is completely FREE.



OTHER Choices


If you don’t mind putting in a little work — listing, shipping, and paying a sales fee — eBay is a decent option for selling your used iPhone. Because eBay offers its buyers purchase protection, people are more comfortable buying from strangers.

The downside is Fees. eBay does charge a sales fee for products that are sold through its site: 10 percent of the final value (selling price). If you accept payment through PayPal, PayPal charges a fee of 2.9 percent (4 percent if sold internationally) of the final value. To price your device, search for your model on eBay and check the ‘sold’ listings.

The main downside to selling your iPhone on eBay is the potential risk of buyers’ remorse. eBay offers both the seller and the buyer protection, but tends to side with the buyer in the event of a dispute, and scammers know how to take advantage of this. You can minimize your risk by documenting everything and shipping your device via a trackable service with proof of delivery.



Craigslist is the riskiest option, but you will get cash for your device. The biggest challenge here isn’t finding customers — it’s getting them to show up. So, prepared for flakes.

If you do decide to use Craigslist or another in-person option, make sure you meet your buyer in a well-lit, public place. For the smoothest transaction, make the agreement clear prior to meeting — your customer should know the price, condition of the phone and its wireless carrier in advance.



Kijiji is another way to list your iPhone, but it is not as popular as the above sites, but tends to less risky than Craigslist. Kijiji doesn’t allow questionable posts on their site which tends to keep it’s user base more respectable. Make sure to post a photo and a good description of your item so that any potential buyers are aware of the condition before they meet with you. As above,  make sure you meet your buyer in a well-lit, public place.



Option 2: Trade it in

Trading in your device for cash, store credit or gift cards is the least profitable option, but you also won’t be liable for any issues with the device once it leaves your hands. (Plus, if your iPhone is in less-than-great condition, some companies will still take it — even if it doesn’t turn on at all.) Trading in your iPhone instead of selling it is a great option if you’re willing to give up a little profit for convenience and peace of mind.

We found that these offer the most money for used iPhones:


Apple’s Trade Up program

If you have an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus and you plan on purchasing a new iPhone, you may want to opt for Apple’s trade up program, which gets you Apple Store credit. The good thing about Apple’s Trade Up program is that the company doesn’t discriminate based on storage size — a 16GB iPhone 6 in perfect condition can fetch up to $275, which is the maximum amount Apple will give you.

iPhone 6: Up to $275
iPhone 6 Plus: Up $325
iPhone 6S and 6S Plus: Not available until the iPhone 7 devices are announced.



Best Buy Trade In

Best Buy offers some of the best trade-in prices, but the catch is that those prices are paid out in Best Buy gift cards. If you’re a Best Buy fan — or plan to buy the next iPhone there — this is one of your better trade-in options.

Best Buy’s prices are based on model and condition.

iPhone 6: Up to $310
iPhone 6 Plus: Up to $330
iPhone 6S: Up to $360
iPhone 6S Plus: Up to $450


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