‘Apple Store’ is now just ‘Apple’

With the launch of the newer Apple Stores, like the Union Square location in San Francisco, Apple has decided to drop the ‘Store’ designation. Most likely to do with efforts to turn newer stores into more than just simple stores, but larger community areas. Some stores, such as Apple Union Square, feature an outdoor plaza with regular acoustic performances and a 6K video wall. It is aimed at allowing people such as artists, photographers, and musicians to inspire others through year-round programs, and events.

Apple has already made the change online, and all of its store pages now refer to stores by names like “Apple Pacific Centre” instead of “Apple Store, Pacific Centre”.



Apple has also sent out a memo to its retail employees, informing them that the “Store” branding is gradually being dropped from both retail locations and online. Apparently the change will be gradual and will start with new stores, but we found pages for almost all stores have been updated to remove the “Store” moniker.

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