Apple Redesigns ‘Apple TV Remote’ App for iPhone

This week Apple released a New Apple TV Remote App for iPhone which is used to control its line of Apple TV’s. The App was announced at WWDC and has just become available on the App Store.

The new App, which connects to an Apple TV via Bluetooth, allows you to have the same navigation experience as the Siri remote that comes bundled with the newest Apple TV. Its design was inspired by the Siri Remote and is a definite improvement over the previous Apple TV remote app.

The App uses touch gestures just as the hardware Siri Remote does to control navigation and select content.

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Entering text, like usernames & passwords, is much easier with the Remote app because any text field automatically brings up the software keyboard. Full Siri voice commands are supported, and because both the App and the Siri Remote have gyroscope and accelerometer functions, an iPhone can be used as a dedicated game controller for playing games on the Apple TV.

The Apple TV Remote app requires iOS 9.3.2 or later to install and it works with the current version of tvOS, 9.2.2.

It can also be used to control Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3 models. Once again, the App can be downloaded here.


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