Rumours State That This Year’s iPhone will be iPhone6SE, not iPhone 7

Does this rumour make sense? In a way, yes. But if Apple is going to label this year’s iPhone an SE, then this would be the first time that Apple would be changing its naming scheme after the introduction of the iPhone 4S in 2011.

Chinese supply chain sources have seen packaging and labelling that indicates the new phone will be called the ‘iPhone 6SE’.

Those sources say that Apple will be saving the iPhone 7 designation for next years iPhone, along with the largest tech upgrades like wireless charging, glass enclosure, and edge to edge screen.

I doubt this rumour as there has not been much said about this until now and we are pretty late in the game. Apple’s new iPhone is set to be announced in the middle of Sept.

iPhone6SE or 7

What do you think? Should Apple designate the new iPhone as a 6SE or iPhone 7 series?

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