iPhone 7 could have 14% larger battery than iPhone6s

Apple may finally give a good portion of it’s customer’s what they have asked for, a larger battery.

The upcoming iPhone 7 may include a larger 1960mAh battery inside, according to a new rumor from OnLeaks. It would be about a 14% increase in capacity over the 1715mAh battery in the iPhone 6s, if the semi-reliable Apple leaker is correct.

It’s possible that the new A10 processor of the iPhone 7 will be much harder on power therefore making the battery upgrade a necessity just to keep on par with the iPhone 6s.

We are not sure if the iPhone 7 Plus will also feature a larger battery. The iPhone 6s Plus carries a battery weighing in at 2915mAh. If it does, and it keeps the same upgrade ratio of 14%, we could see the battery jump from 2750mAh to 3140mAh.

Don’t count your mAh’s before their charged though, although OnLeaks is fairly reliable, we won’t know until Apple releases the device this fall.

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