Leaked iPhone 7 photo shows bigger camera, fewer antenna lines

An image published on Nowhereelse.fr this morning shows a clear photo of what seems to be Apple’s next iPhone, the iPhone 7. There have been many leaked photo’s, and you must make the decision whether to believe them or not, but this seems to be the clearest photo yet.

iphone 7 leak


It shows no sign of Apple’s branding on the back (except for the logo) so we must assume it is an early prototype, if real at all.

A significantly larger camera opening, and an even larger ‘camera ‘bump’, appears to once again substantiate rumours that the new iPhone 7 will feature a camera upgrade of some sort.

They have also moved the phone’s prominent antenna bands to the top and bottom of the unit.


The larger “Plus” model is rumored to include a dual-lens setup, so that would indicate we are looking at the 4.7-inch iPhone.

This photo does not show the bottom unfortunately, so we are not able to confirm that Apple has removed the headphone jack, although it does sound likely.

In addition to the above features, the iPhone 7 models are expected to be slightly thinner with faster Apple A10 processors, a minimum of 32GB of storage, improved waterproofing, and faster LTE and Wi-Fi. The larger 5.5″ model should carry 3GB of RAM and a dual-lens rear camera exclusively.


In less than 2 months, we will see if what is shown here is actually the new iPhone!



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