New Emoji are coming this fall

New Emoji for 2016

This fall on iOS10, we should see 72 new emoji making their way to iPhone and iPad. The Unicode standards body ‘released’ the latest group of new emoji characters, including sneezing face, Pinocchio nose face, ‘selfie’, boxing glove and ‘face palm’. You can see what these will look like in the image below, which is a mockup by Emojipedia of the new emoji.


Included in the new 72 emoji set is a handful of new smileys and faces including a cowboy hat face, a clown, drooling and nauseated faces, sneezing, shrug, pregnant woman and ‘face palm’.

Apple will likely incorporate these emoji into iPhone and iPad sometime in the fall. If it doesn’t appear in the iOS 10.0 launch, then they will likely appear in a 10.1 or 10.2…10.3 update.

Here’s a video created by Emojipedia featuring each new emoji in Unicode 9:


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