WWDC 2016

WWDC 2016

WWDC 2016 should be starting soon.



Tim had a moment of silence for the tragedy in Florida.


Major speed enhancements

Control Center

Replying to messages

Scribble (writing on screen)

Activity watch face


Swiping between faces

SOS on watch (emerg notification to 911 or family)


Activity sharing

Communicate with friends for support

Send smack talk with your voice for fun

New algorithms for wheelchair users

New app for Health called ‘Breathe’

Set Breathe reminders throughout the day (Deep breathing)

New Kits for developers to create native apps with better graphics etc

watchOS free update coming this fall



New Remote App for Apple TV(all features of Siri remote)

Siri will search You-tube

‘Live Tune in’ Just state app channel you want to open

Single Sign on for TV Apps

Dark mode on Apple TV (better at night)


New tvOS will be avail this fall


OSX will now be called macOS (Sierra)


Universal Clipboard between all devices

iCloud Drive will now include your desktop files and will be avail on all devices

Apple Pay now available on mac. Use ApplePay on your Mac online.

applepayfunnylol…no seriously.

All apps will have ‘Tabs’

Picture in Picture (watch video while working)

Siri is coming to the Mac

Use Siri to query specific files

Siri will send text messages for you

New MacOS will be available this fall



Redesigned control centre

Slide left for camera, slide right for Widgets

Siri will be opened to developers to be used in all apps

Use Siri to send messages in any messaging app

Intelligent suggestions

siri intellikgent

Face recognition will apply photos of people into their own albums

Bring back memories to you in photos using on device intelligence by grouping people, places etc

Photos app will create slideshows with music and automatically add video and photos of certain events.


Slide up from bottom to get new suggestions based on your time of day or appointments

Eta’s to points of interest on your route

Maps is being opened up to developers


New Apple Music redesigned to be more simple and easy to use

app music

Now songs will have Lyrics

New tabs make navigation easier


All items under one app


Scenes built in


Use Siri to control

Apple TV will be secure point of access

Will be avail on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch


Voicemail to text

Voip app calls will appear as regular calls


Rich links

Larger Emojis

Emoji predictions

Bubble effects

Invisible Ink

Handwritten messages

hand written

Digital Touch

Full Screen effects


Messages is being open to developers

Messages features will work on Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch



Privacy is still big at Apple. All your info with the above features is kept on device and private.

iOS10 will be available for public beta in July and released FREE to everyone this fall



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