Apple adds new Power Subsidiary

Apple has been adding to it’s solar farms around the world for years. It’s intent? To become 100% self reliant on power. Apple is one of the world’s greenest corporations, and it’s solar farms are doing so well, it has quietly created a subsidiary dubbed “Apple Energy,” which will allow it to sell the excess electricity it generates from its solar farms.


Since solar farms only produce electricity during the day, Apple requires outsourced energy at night for all it’s operations. Selling it’s excess solar energy during the day will help it stay more ‘energy neutral’.  “Apple Energy LLC” has filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission,  suggesting it is planning to sell some of its excess electricity to consumers,  just like any other electricity company.

In the filings made on June 6, Apple explains that, because it isn’t already a major player in the energy business, and doesn’t have enough power to influence energy prices, it meets the legal requirements to sell electricity to consumers at market rates. Apple is hoping to do so in 60 days if all goes well with it’s request.




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