Apple’s iPhone 8 in 2017 – What do we expect?

iPhone 8

First of all, we’re not sure it will even be called iPhone 8. That could only occur if Apple was to skip the iPhone 7S in it’s naming process which in all likelihood it will, due to the major redesign that is expected and the fact that this is Apple’s 10th anniversary of the iPhone. It could alse be called the iPhone Air, iPhone X or something completely different.

In a nutshell, we expect the redesign to have a glass body and edge-to-edge OLED display that includes an integrated Touch ID fingerprint sensor and front-facing camera, meaning Touch ID and the camera may be built directly into the display.


The display itself is rumoured to be flexible OLED rather than an LCD, allowing Apple to introduce a thinner device that consumes less power and offers a better display with higher contrast ratio and more true to life colors.


In terms of the body,  Apple plans to re-adopt a glass body that’s similar to the body that was used in the iPhone 4, moving away from the aluminum used in the iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6S and SE models.


Inside, we expect to find a 10-nanometer A11 chip that will be both faster and more efficient than it’s predecessors.


Options like Biometric Facial Scanning or Retina Scanning may also be in the works.


Apple is working on long-range wireless charging technology that rumours suggest could be implemented in iPhones as soon as 2017, making it an ideal addition to the iPhone 8.


With the iPad Pro now available in capacities up to 256GB, it’s possible the iPhone 8 will be available with 256GB storage. Possibly even the iPhone 7.


We are over a year away, and many changes can happen…..I guess we’ll find out together.


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