Siri will disclose date of WWDC 2016, if you ask her

Siri is proudly proclaiming that WWDC 2016 will indeed be held in San Francisco from June 13th to June 17th. It’s the first time Apple has used Siri as a primary announcement method for one of its events. WWDC is expected to showcase iOS 10, OS X 10.12 and more.

To try this out for yourself, ask Siri: ‘When is WWDC?’. Siri will helpfully reveal the date and location. Siri’s comment does not seem like a mistake. Earlier in the day, Siri was saying ‘WWDC is not yet announced’.


While Siri’s statement counts as official confirmation that the conference will be held from June 13 to June 17, the dates in question were already known based on scheduling information at Moscone West. Since January, the Moscone Center has been booked for the first, second, fourth, and fifth weeks of June, leaving only the third week open for Apple.

We will be covering the event right here at Encore News.

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