Apple turns up the Green prior to Earth Day

Less than a week before Earth Day, Apple has once again turned over it’s leaf (to a green one) on it’s iconic logo at select Apple Stores — echoing Tim Cooks goal of leaving the world a better place.

Retail staff will also be sporting special green shirts for the week — celebrating the fact that select brick-and-mortar retail stores belonging to Apple now run on renewable energy.


During last month’s keynote event, he brought Lisa Jackson, Apple’s head of environment, out on stage to talk about Apple’s efforts to protect and preserve the environment.

At that event, Lisa introduced LIAM, Apple’s line of recycling robots, that can take apart up to 1.2 million phones a year. Watch a video below showing Liam.


Apple has also recently switched from their iconic Plastic bags to Recycled Paper Bags instead.

Earth Day is this Friday, April 22. Are you doing your part?

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