Apple Trades Plastic for Paper

Beginning mid month, Apple Stores will trade their instantly recognizable plastic bags for new paper ones made of 80 percent recycled materials.

Although the official changeover begins April 15, stores will continue to use the old plastic bags until they run out of stock. The new paper bags come in both medium and large sizes.

At last month’s product event, Lisa Jackson, Apple’s VP of environmental initiatives, took to the stage for the first time ever at an Apple keynote. She described how 99 percent of Apple’s packaging comes from recycled paper, or sustain-ably managed forests, and how this number would increase in the future.

Apple is partnering with an environmental nonprofit to purchase roughly 36,000 acres of private forestland, which will be sustain-ably harvested and used in Apple’s packaging.

This move comes at a moment at which Apple appears to be considering more deeply than ever before its social impact.

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