World’s largest piece of curved glass for Spaceship Campus

Apple’s new ‘Spaceship’ campus will use more than 3000 pieces of curved glass by the time it’s completed at the end of 2016. That is more than 6 Km of curved glass.

Photo credit: EPA

A 22 meter high Cimolai manipulator is being used to raise the glass in place while workers fasten it to the building. You can see the machine in the middle of the picture below.


Photo Credit: EPA

Each piece of glass on the exterior ring of the spaceship measure 15m × 3.2m. The Interior pieces measure 11m x 3m.

The building also supports large white canopies on the side and solar panels all over the roof. It has been dubbed ‘one of the most environmentally sustainable projects on this scale anywhere in the world’ by Foster and Partners, the Architectural Firm that is overseeing the entire project.

To see the latest video flyover of the work being done, check out our previous story.

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