iOS ‘Date’ bug can brick your device

Want to go back in time? Don’t do it with your iPhone. A new bug has surfaced that will temporarily or permanently brick your device if you set iOS device’s clock back to January 1, 1970.

To change your date and time settings, you have to go to the Settings app, then General menu, choose Date & Time, and turn off the ‘Set Automatically’ option. From there, you’ll have to scroll through the menu as far back as it goes. After that, go back to the General menu then go back into the Date & Time settings and scroll backwards even further. You’ll have to repeat this until you reach 1970. The video below shows specifically how to do it, but we DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING IT.

Once you’ve changed the date, you’ll then want to reboot your phone. Once you reboot, your device will reportedly not come back on. There are reports that even DFU mode will not allow you to restore your phone to working condition.

This issue only seems to affect 64-bit processors that are running iOS8 or newer and includes iPod Touches, iPhones and iPads. If you’re using a 32-bit processor, you’re safe.

One Twitter user stated the device came back on after several hours, and others have said it hasn’t come back even days later.

We hesitated to report on this due to the nature of people’s curiosity, so we must state again, DO NOT TRY THIS!

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