Further evidence shows iPad Air 3 changes

We previously showed you a diagram of what was supposedly an iPad Air 3, which detailed apparent upgrades such as a four speaker system and rear camera with flash.

The design drawing most likely originated from a manufacturer of accessories made for the new iPad once released. Now, certain companies are now designing and creating cases for this new design.

This is one case which shows the new design:

Case with larger hole for flash



Yet this case we found did not have the extra speaker holes or flash opening:

Case without larger hole for flash or speakers



Even though it was not seen in the drawing of the new iPad Air 3, one case seems to have the cutout on the left side for the Smart Connector featured on the iPad Pro.

ipad_air_3 type1

ipad_air_3 type 2










The new iPad Air 3 has been rumored for release during the first half of this year, most likely at a March media event.

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