Apple enables lower price tiers for the App Store in Canada

Apple announced on its Developer Portal that its making two new lower price tiers available for developers here in Canada and New Zealand. Developers can now offer paid apps and in-app purchases at $0.99 CAD and $0.99 NZD. These new options will allow for developers to offer more affordable apps and in-app purchases to users here in Canada and in New Zealand.

In effect, the newly enabled lower price tiers let developers sell their apps on the App Store in Canada at more affordable prices, but with less profit, given the price increase to apps here in Canada due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Apple wrote the following on its Developer Portal regarding the changes:

“Lower price tiers, Alternate Tier A and Alternate Tier B, now let you offer paid apps and In-App Purchases at $0.99 (CAD) and $0.99 (NZD). Existing apps that already use these price tiers have been automatically updated.”

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