Leaked photo of iPhone5se?


Could this be a leaked photo of the iPhone5se? The image appears to show what could be the updated smaller iPhone with rounded edges and Touch ID as we reported next to an iPhone 5 for scale. The source where the image was first shared, on One More Thing forums, has credibility with surfacing leaked hardware as it has shown leaked photos of ipads before on the same table with the same lamp as is shown in this picture.

Rumors seem to hint the new model will be called the iPhone 5se and not the 6c as was previously thought.

If the leaked image turns out to be true, it means this 4″ model will feature a relocated sleep switch and rounded volume toggles. In addition to those changes, it appears the body will have rounded edges as well.

Although the new phone would NOT have the 3D Touch features, we’re expecting it to include the iPhone 6 class 8MP and 1.2MP back and front cameras, an NFC chip for Apple Pay not found on current 4-inch iPhones, and the A8 and M8 processor and co-processor found on the iPhone 6. Live Photo shooting which was introduced on the iPhone 6s, and the same metallic colors including rose gold are also expected to be available.

I think this should satisfy most Apple fans that would like the smaller format, but most of the same upgraded features of the 6S.

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